Be Photogenic and Video Friendly.

Words like 'photogenic' are usually used to describe a person. But as computer terminals, especially mobile devices are equipped with high resolution screens, chances are that many are now able to see professional pictures and movies right in their hands. And because of these beautiful screens, the first thing that pops up on it is always a picture or a video clip. Furthermore, thanks to high speed connections, pictures and videos can be transferred at better quality with less compression. These are some good reasons for an organization to be photogenic.

Most websites have had pictures since more than a decade ago. But the truth is, in this era when most screens have a resolution of 2k or more in one direction, most 'web format' pictures are insufficient. They are either too small on the screen, or blurry because it is stretched to match the size. The trend of web design has changed a bit too. Webpages used to have more words than pictures. That way they were more informative because given the quality of a picture a device could handle at that time, pictures were not worth a thousand words. Since the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3, we saw many re-designed sites incorporate large, sometimes full screen pictures. Much detailed pictures make it more intuitive for potential customers to get a better idea of the product or services you are offering.

What's changed is not only the quality of pictures, but also the type of pictures. Traditionally, website pictures are more like what we find in catalogs. Portraits of the product from different angles are shown. Now we see pictures that resemble more of an advertising poster. For instance, an ice cream company may use to have a picture of cups of their product in the original packaging. If their site is re-designed by some sensible team, chances are that we now see a happy family with kids enjoying a scoop of ice cream, holding a spoon in one hand and smudging some from his cheek with the other. Or sometimes, ice cream does not even have to be in the picture. A picture of a happy family is good enough to leave people imagining.

Video clips take it to another level. With traditional media, only large organizations are able to afford the million dollar bill for TV commercial broadcasting. However, thanks to online streaming, companies are able to feed the audience motion pictures and sound at no cost. All one needs to do is find the right production team and it becomes a homerun.

That's it. Be photogenic and video friendly. The only thing to remember is that it is always important to ensure that all media created fit the company culture and improve branding.