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Corporate Design

You put time and care into the way you present your appearance and your ideas everyday because they define who you are to the rest of the world. We extend that same care and investment into creating your business’s online identity.

We’ll help develop and refine your logo, color themes, slogan, mission statement and more to ensure that you stand out from your competitors. A slick, recognizable corporate design will draw like-minded individuals to your site and encourage them to keep coming back.

Ventmere takes a multidisciplinary approach to your corporate design. Our graphic designers, marketing specialists and talented writers work closely together to help you develop a unique, holistic corporate identity.

Web Design

When it comes to design, size does matter. Today’s websites have to look and function beautifully on everything from phones to desktops. Ventmere’s talented developers make sure your website is brilliantly responsive, simple to navigate, and fun to explore no matter the platform. Whether your customers are teens glued to their smartphones or office-dwellers plugging away at desktop PCs, we’ve got you covered for design and usability.

We utilize a sophisticated in-house CMS system to custom engineer you a unique website -- an online storefront that will reflect your business’s values and personality. At Ventmere, we believe we’re doing more than just creating websites. We’re delivering experiences, a seamless, intuitive online journey that your customers will love taking every time they visit.

Web Store

Let your customers shop comfortably from their couch! Our e-commerce specialists have experience working with many popular online store platforms, including Magento, Woo-commerce, and Amazon Webstores.

Meanwhile, our designers will make sure your store looks brilliant and stands out from the rest.


Let’s face facts. Your customers are busy people. Most of them won’t have time to read a long-winded essay about what you’re trying to offer them. Good copywriting does more than just inform; it stops people in their tracks and makes them want to hear more about who you are what you do. Ventmere gets you more results in fewer words.

Need enticing product descriptions, gripping ad copy or shareable social media posts? Each platform has its own unique audience, and our writers have a solid grasp on how to engage with each one.

We also pride ourselves on being experts in search engine optimization (SEO), so you can be sure that your content is taking advantage of all the hottest keywords, while we work to truly engage with your audience.

Social Media

Feeling overwhelmed by all the new social media apps and seemingly non-stop feed updates? Twitter word limits got you stressed out? Our social media gurus can manage your online presence for you and turn headaches and hassle into havens of community-focused content.

We carefully determine which social media channels are the best fits for your brand and then set up accounts with compelling posts that will make your users want to engage with you.


If you’re looking for print materials, we’ve got you covered there too. Posters, brochures, flyers, coupons -- whatever you need, our creative team of writers, designers and marketing specialists will work together to make sure that your physical media are just as beautiful and functional as your digital content.


A photo can say more than a thousand words. That’s why we employ a team of highly skilled photographers that can showcase your products in ways that no other medium can. No matter what your needs are, we have the right equipment and photographers for you.

Our founders spent close to a decade working as professional photographers before venturing out into the exciting world of digital marketing. That means that above all else, we know what looks great and what sells. Our photos aim to highlight the best of what your business has to offer, while maintaining an artistic sensibility that will keep people’s eyes glued to the page.


It’s no secret that modern audiences demand more of their content in video form. For a truly multimedia experience, let our creative team create compelling videos for you that will define your brand in a memorable way.

Whether you’re looking for a documentary of a corporate event, or a promo video to kick off a special ad campaign, our talented cinematographers will make sure they look and sound great on everything from phones to tablets and PCs.

We do more than just point and shoot. We pride ourselves on being artists who can identify exactly the kind of content your brand needs, and which platforms they will perform best on.

Free Traffic

Also referred to as Organic SEO, this refers to search engine optimization techniques that will help your site rank higher in search results without paying for direct advertising. Our team of experts know a variety of effective, ethical methods for directing traffic to your site through precise use of keywords and entertaining, shareable content.

Paid Traffic

Paid ads are a faster, more immediately effective way of generating traffic, and if implemented properly, can be very cost effective for promotions and campaigns. Our adwords specialists and ad placement analysts will work together to push your advertising materials to reach the maximum number of relevant consumers.

Business Directories

Still using dog-eared Yellow Pages ads and crinkled paper flyers to get the word out? Make the leap to digital!

We introduce your company to several exclusive online listings that will each target specific markets relevant to your business. Your customers are already out there looking for you; they just don’t know it yet. Ventmere helps you build a clear online trail that will lead them to you miles before they see your competition.

Special Campaigns

Looking to promote a new product release or an end-of-season sale? We’ve got you covered for any campaign from start to finish. Because we’re a one-stop shop for online branding, all of your marketing campaigns will be seamlessly integrated with your website and all your marketing and social media channels. We can maximize your campaign’s reach in one efficient, streamlined process.

We don’t stop there either. We’ll make sure you receive a detailed engagement report at the end of each campaign -- courtesy of our data analytics experts. That means you’ll know exactly how well your campaign did, what kinds of demographics to target, and what strategies to emulate in the future.


Reporting isn’t quite as sexy as design, but it’s just as important. We work hard to generate reports for you on demand or at regular intervals, depending on your needs. Whether you need marketing campaign results, sales summaries, production process analysis, or standard financial reports, we can deliver precision data in a concise, easy to read format.

Local Storefronts Custom-tailored

Don’t let your international customers feel like second-class citizens. We provide a personalized shopping experience for each region that adapts to local demands, so that each country’s storefront is unique. We use market research to decide on the right product selection for each regional storefront. We also provide price listings and checkout in local currencies to keep things simple and convenient for your customers.

Domestic Shipping

Localized shipping solutions to avoid large international fees. Pass the savings on to your customers!

Customer Service

Quality service and support for each locale you operate in. We have years of experience helping businesses provide service to regions across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America


We handle receiving, order picking, packing, labeling, returns and more. Our experts will help you avoid delays by keeping things organized and flowing smoothly.


Save time and money on warehousing real estate and employees by taking advantage of our international warehousing solutions.


A vast delivery network spanning multiple countries that allow for prompt delivery to your customers almost anywhere in the world. Take advantage of our shipping discounts, (courtesy of our large order volume) and offer cheaper shipping rates to your customers.

B3 Websites Spanning Multiple Regions

Sometimes one website isn’t enough. Doing business in multiple markets can involve content in different languages, marketing to different cultures, price differences across currencies and shipping from one region to another.

We utilize our own secure and innovative website engine to ensure that your sites enjoy consistent, optimum performance across the US, Canada, Europe, China and more.


A baseline, but still very important, function of our online management system that allows our clients to complete all their administrative work in a single place. Manage projects, inventory, clients, suppliers and more all in one convenient system.

So far, we have designed successful management systems for a variety of businesses, including project and calendar-based systems for everyone from manufacturing companies to international trade businesses.


Still trying to manage your business’s operations with a monitor covered in post it notes and a loose collection of spreadsheets? Free yourself from the chaos of data tracking with our custom-tailored databases. Tell us what data you need organized, and we’ll have a user-friendly system up and running before you know it.

Got a lot to manage? Our data consultants will analyze your daily operations, customer relations, suppliers, inventory, sales and more to design databases that handle everything in an easy to read manner.


Production can be a messy process with customers ritualistically asking about the status of their orders, and suppliers, inventory and labor all needing to be managed and coordinated across numerous individuals. Any confusion or miscommunication along the way can very quickly lead to serious mistakes and delays. Our online management system is designed to help you streamline the production process and keep everyone informed, so that the left hand always knows what the right is doing.

Task Manager

Efficiency is key. Imagine a simple system that tells every employee what’s next on the pipeline? We’ve got that covered for you. We make it easy for you to create tasks for projects, meetings, events and more. If your company functions on billable hours, then our system will automatically generate the hours for you by task.


Think of your favorite accounting software. Now imagine it custom-tailored to fit your business’s exact needs. Looking for support from the developers? We’re right there when you need us.

A complete branding, marketing and e-commerce solution for the international audio giant.


Ventmere has played a key role in establishing Edifier’s North American roots in the form of Facebook/email campaigns, english web design, SEO, and more. Our unique CMS system has provided Edifier with a web page that is easy to navigate and attractive to customers. Edifier’s products are always shown in the best possible light thanks to our professional photographers providing the best high resolution photos and video.

Our unique approach to e-commerce and SEO has allowed Edifier to stand out in a sea of other store platforms and take its business to the next level.


Web Design, E-Commerce, Site Development, Photography, Video production, Copywriting, Social Media, Etc

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An all-around branding solution for the respected heavy equipment manufacturer


Managing your web presence properly is key to being successful in the modern era, but traditional holdouts like the paper business card or brochure/catalog are still important in many B2B industries. Ventmere will make sure the word get out regardless of the medium used. For Helios, we created cohesive brand identity that made it easy for clients to understand who they were and what they were all about. We devised a clean, simple to navigate website for them that made it easier for users to get the information they needed, while our SEO tools helped more potential customers find the site. Readily available sales and marketing campaign reports also allowed us to easily identify the best strategies for maximizing growth.


Logo Design, Corporate Design, Web Design, Photography, 3D Rendering, Copywriting

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An online and offline branding solution for the private high school.


Want to keep potential clients captivated longer? Simple, professional, eye-catching websites are a great way to do that! At Ventmere, we pride ourselves on being able to make any business stand out online -- no matter the size or industry.

For Can-Lakeshore Academy (CLA), we tailored a website with simple, modern design aesthetics that would provide potential students with the information they need quickly and easily in a visually pleasing package. From pictures to databases for both students and parents, Ventmere’s assistance has allowed to CLA to reach great new heights. We pride ourselves on maintaining a cohesive brand identity for each of our clients – from the logo, to the slogan, colour theme and more. We want to establish your unique brand and allow you to build the reputation you need to reach your next tier of success.

For CLA, we understood that traditional pen and paper advertising was still important to their business model, and we provided physical marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and business cards to meet those needs. Our professional videographers and photographers also provided beautiful high-resolution imagery to ensure that their website would stand out against their competition. In doing so, we took painstaking care to ensure that our designs stayed true to their existing brand aesthetic, while ushering them into the modern era.


Corporate Design, Web Design, Brochure Design, Photography, Video, Chinese Sub-site.

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206 - 8901 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L3R 9Y4

[email protected]

206 - 8901 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L3R 9Y4

[email protected]